Innovations in Poultry Health: enhancing productivity and sustainability

June 4, 2024

Poultry health is of paramount importance to global agriculture. Ensuring the welfare of birds is essential for food safety, sustainability and profitability in the poultry industry. Ceva Poultry, a major player in the sector, is committed to improving the health and welfare of poultry through innovative solutions and cutting-edge scientific expertise. Here are the details.

The importance of healthy poultry

Poultry health is closely linked to a number of major issues.

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Economic impact

The global poultry industry represents a major source of protein for a growing population. Implementing advanced biosecurity measures and innovative vaccination strategies has not only reduced disease prevalence but also significantly enhanced the overall productivity and sustainability of poultry farms.

Healthy poultry contributes to greater and more stable food production, ensuring food security and economic prosperity for farmers.

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Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a fundamental ethical concern. Healthy poultry live longer, more enjoyable lives, free from suffering and disease.

Consumer safety

Healthy poultry is essential for the production of safe and wholesome food. Sound husbandry practices and effective disease prevention minimise the risk of contamination of food products of animal origin.

Progress in poultry vaccination

Vaccination is an essential pillar of poultry health. Ceva Poultry develops innovative and effective vaccines to combat the most common poultry diseases, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis and avian influenza.

Current challenges

The poultry industry is facing major health challenges, including the emergence of new virulent strains and antibiotic resistance.

Innovative vaccination strategies

Ceva Poultry is developing vectorised, DNA and subunit vaccines that offer broader and longer-lasting protection against disease.

These vaccines use a harmless virus or bacterium (vector) to carry a gene encoding a specific viral or bacterial protein. The poultry immune system reacts to the vector by producing antibodies against the target protein, conferring protection against the corresponding disease.

Case studies

Ceva Poultry's vaccination programmes have significantly reduced the incidence of disease and improved the health of poultry worldwide. For example, in Brazil, a vaccination programme against Newcastle disease resulted in a 90% reduction in cases of the disease.

Disease prevention and control

In addition to vaccination, Ceva Poultry offers a range of solutions for disease prevention and control.

Biosecurity measures

Strict biosecurity measures are essential to limit the spread of pathogens on farms. Ceva Poultry provides advice and tools to help farmers improve biosecurity on their farms.

Diagnostic technologies

Accurate and rapid diagnostic tools enable early detection of diseases, facilitating rapid and effective intervention. Ceva Poultry develops and markets innovative diagnostic tests for various poultry diseases.

Integrated disease management

Ceva Poultry promotes a holistic approach to disease management, combining vaccination, biosecurity and sound husbandry practices for optimal disease prevention and control.

Improving poultry welfare

Poultry welfare is at the heart of Ceva Poultry's philosophy. The company offers solutions to improve the birds' living conditions and promote their physical and mental health.

Housing and environment

Modern poultry house designs and enriched environments promote the comfort and well-being of poultry. Ceva Poultry provides advice and tools to optimise farm layout.

Nutrition and feed

State-of-the-art nutrition is essential for the health and disease resistance of poultry. Ceva Poultry develops nutritious feeds and feed supplements tailored to the specific needs of different strains of poultry.

Stress reduction

Stress can have a negative impact on the health and productivity of poultry. Ceva Poultry offers solutions to minimise stress, such as adapted lighting and ventilation systems and environmental enrichment programmes.

Sustainability in poultry farming

Ceva Poultry is committed to promoting sustainable farming practices that respect the environment and natural resources:

Impact on the environment

Poultry farming can have a significant environmental impact, particularly in terms of water consumption, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions. Ceva Poultry encourages the adoption of sustainable practices to reduce this impact.

Sustainable practices

Practices such as efficient water management, the reduction of food waste and the use of renewable energy sources help to minimise the environmental footprint of poultry farming.

Innovative solutions

Ceva Poultry develops innovative solutions to promote sustainability, such as feed additives that improve digestive efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Research and development

Innovation is at the heart of Ceva Poultry's strategy to improve the health and productivity of poultry:

Ongoing research

Ceva Poultry conducts ongoing research to develop new vaccines, diagnostic tools and more effective disease management solutions.

Collaborative efforts

Ceva Poultry works closely with research institutions and universities around the world to advance knowledge in poultry health.

Future trends

Ceva Poultry anticipates future trends in poultry health and invests in innovative solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Case studies and success stories

Ceva Poultry solutions are proven worldwide to improve the health, productivity and sustainability of poultry farming:

Real-world applications

Many poultry farms around the world have successfully implemented Ceva Poultry solutions, achieving remarkable results.

Impact analysis

Case studies have shown that Ceva Poultry's solutions have reduced the incidence of disease, improved poultry growth, reduced antibiotic consumption and reduced the environmental impact of farming.

It is important to remember that the aim of this article is to present innovations in the field of poultry health and is in no way intended to promote farming practices that do not comply with animal welfare standards. It is important to refer to local regulations and guidelines on poultry farming and to ensure that any practices implemented respect animal welfare.


Innovation in poultry health is essential to ensure a sustainable and productive future for the poultry industry. Ceva Poultry, through its innovative solutions and commitment to animal welfare and sustainability, plays a crucial role in promoting healthy and responsible poultry production.

By keeping abreast of the latest advances in poultry health and adopting innovative practices, poultry farmers can help to improve the health and welfare of their animals, while ensuring food safety and the sustainability of the industry for generations to come.